Best 80’s Movies on Netflix in 2020

Netflix is an American media service provider as well as a production company which was founded in 1997.

It was founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph and its headquarters is in Los Gatos in California.

The company mainly concentrated on producing library films and television programs. As per the information released on April 2019 THE Netflix had over 148 million subscribers.

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The company has also been a source of employment as it has over 6700 employee. Before it came online it was first watched using DVD. The Netflix started earlier before 1997 as even in the 80’s Netflix was still available.

Netflix movies started as early as 1981 when there was the release of Raiders of the Lost Ark. It was also accompanied by two others the same year that is Temple of Doom and Last Crusade.

In 1982 there was the release of Poltergeists. In this film a certain family is said to be usually attacked ghosts which are known as poltergeists.

If it could be a todays movie it could require parental guidance as may be very fearful and dangerous to little children and also some adults who dream with what they watch.

In the same year there was the Dark Crystal which was produced by Jim Henson. In this one a certain person had to look for a piece of magic crystal and restore it to its place.

In 1983 there were several films which were produced. The Scarface was one of them. Another one was Mr. Mom which was produced by John Hughes and starring Michael Keaton.

In this movie a father is stopped from going to work and is forced to stay at home and look after the kids which is not easy for him and he realizes that women do a great work when they stay at home.

In 1984 there was the Gremlins which was both a Christmas as well as a horror movie. It was best for the whole family to watch.

Also in the same year there was the One Upon a Time in America produced by Robert DE Niro and James Woods.

It involves a certain person who returns home after some involvement with gangster and has to reconcile with his past.

Pretty in Pink is yet another movies in the 80’s. it was produced in 1986 by Molly Ringwald. There is also the American Tale.

In this one a mouse which is a Russian separates from his family and is forced to go and survive in a foreign country that is America. The same year there is also the movie named She’s Gotta Have It and also Hard lessons.

In 1988 there is Bull Durham which is featured by Kevin Costner and Susan Sarandon. These two are both sports and romance partners. It is still a nice movie even to watch in recent times.

There is also the Hairspray produced in the same year 1988 produced by Ricki Lake, Divine and Sonny Bono. Several other movies have been produced in the same name in recent years.

Another one produced in the 80’s is known as Healhers which was done in 1989. It was kind of a comedy for the teens.


The Netflix was founded in 1997 but it started as early as in the 1980’s. several movies had already been produced by the Netflix before it formally founded it in 1997.

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