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Benefits Of Owning A Golf Hitting Net

Benefits Of Owning A Golf Hitting Net

Not to mention it’s cheaper and more convenient that hitting the range. Why not quickly set up the net in the back yard, basement, garage or living room (…uhh, careful!) and hit a few shots.

Who cares what the weather is like if you can bring it indoors!

Satisfy your golf fix, no matter what the weather is like! There’s nothing like being in the northern latitudes in winter, or a rainy day in summer, where we are forced to sit home and just watch golf on TV…that just stinks! With an indoor golf hitting net you can work on your full swing no matter what the weather or season.… Read the rest

Buying A Golf Hitting Net

Buying A Golf Hitting Net

One of the main considerations when purchasing a golf hitting net is how much space it will occupy.

You will probably already have a good idea as to placement whether it be in your backyard, garage or basement but you will need to ensure the net fits into the space comfortably and will allow you to stand in front of it and easily make a full swing without any obstruction.

You should buy the biggest golf hitting net possible to fit your chosen space so a good idea is to have all the measurements to hand, width, height and depth, so you can easily rule out the golf hitting nets that simply aren’t going to fit.

Safety, strength and durability are also main considerations of a golf hitting net.

The actual quality of the netting has to be able to withstand the full force of your driver day in day out! Quality nets are built to last years, cheap golf hitting nets can sometimes be prone to breaking and being hit through easily that could result in damage or injury if not taken seriously.

You and I both do not want to injure someone from teeing up and launching a drive that goes straight through the golf hitting net into a neighbors backyard or through a window! Durability will also ensure you get great value for money from your golf hitting net.

Ease of setup is another factor to remember when buying a golf hitting net as you won’t want to spend lots of … Read the rest